Use The Infinite Power of Your Mind to Grow Taller

(snort)Absolutely Guaranteed! (to be a link)

Obviously, this woman understands! I’ve been holding my breath, and standing on my toes, and nothing works! It’s like she reads my mind! And that cute little blue vortex …I’m slack jawed and susceptible already! Tell me more!

But SHHH! It’s a secret!

Let me get this straight – talking about it let’s the air out of the balloon, right? So, by putting this on the web, isn’t that like talking about it? So every time I click on the link, she gets smaller?

Wow! If the power of the mind is infinite, you could become infinitely tall! That would really be useful to, like, astronomers.

Especially the cosmologists. If the universe is a closed curve, you would bump your head on your shoes before you finished growing. This’ll be so cool! I’m gonna start growing right now!

If you don’t hear anything more from me on this, it’s because I don’t want to let the “air” out of my “balloon”, so just assume it worked, OK?

Shhh, you nearly blew it.

Is it just me or is this another way of trying to ensure that the participants don’t wander round moaning ‘this doesn’t fucking work’ all the time?

Dude. I’m 4ft10. If I don’t talk for a week, will I be able to reach the top shelf in the supermarket?