Used car ad confusion

So… I’m going through the classifieds and come across:

'98 Ranger XLT - 36k mi, Jade Green, AC, CD, AM/FM, 5spd, Detailed! Exc $7400. xxx-xxxx

Which is fine and dandy except I’m not sure what ‘Exc’ before the asking price is supposed to indicate. A quick web hunt taught me that ‘Exc’ is usually used for excellent as in condition, but the placement seems weird to me if that was meant.

Does ‘exc’ have another common meaning? Is it simply indicating a vehicle in excellent condition and I shouldn’t read much into the grammar of a ~50 character ad?


You guessed correctly

I’m pretty sure it means excellent. I’ve read a lot of car ads and can’t think of anything else it might mean. They don’t make an “Executive” model of that truck, do they?

How about Extended Cab?

why don’t you call them & ask. Also try & see what the thing is really worth.

the person didn’t write the ad, the person at the newspaper did, probably listening to some cryptic message on the phone.