used computer needed in north carolina for heart patient...

i have a friend in durham north carolina with sever heart problems. she would very much like to have a computer to stay in touch with relatives but medical expenses prevent any funding.

is there a company in that area that donates used computers to the needy? or perhaps a low price rebuilt outfit i could contact.

she has a job but has missed so much work because of repeated heart attacks that she has used up all paid days off. she is a great typist and could possibly work from home like typing legal stuff.

I hate to post without answering your question but the computer isn’t going to be the problem here. Your friend will have to pay for an ISP to get connected, which over the cost of a year would probably exceed the cost of a used computer.

people in need take life one small step at a time. perhaps someone donates a used computer in exchange for typing, perhaps a relative pays for three months of internet.

maybe someone has a printer they don’t need or an old 15" monitor. don’t ever come home empty handed when your needs are so great.