USED Family Feud questions

For anyone wanting to start one of the many games of The Feud played on the SDMB without repeating previously asked questions, here’s a list of questions already used in past games.

I probably missed a game or two, and I only chose games played within the past year, so feel free to add, if you’d like. I’d say the most productive use of this list would be to write your game, then search the post for key words… or read them all, your choice. :wink:

That said, I present to you The (not) Comprehensive List of Used SDMB Family Feud Game Questions since February 2007:

[li]Name something you would put on a pizza[/li][li]Name a country that produces wine[/li][li]Name an ice cream flavour[/li][li]Name a fruit where the skin is not eaten[/li][li]Name a herb used in cooking [/li][li]Name a fish that is commonly eaten[/li][li]Name a food product you would get from a pig[/li][li]Name a method of cooking eggs.[/li][li]Other than peanuts, name a food people are allergic to.[/li][li]Name a celebrity chef[/li][li]Name one of the Seven Seas[/li][li]Name one of the seven wonders of the world[/li][li]Name a lucky number other than 7.[/li][li]Name one of the Seven colours of the rainbow[/li][li]Name one of the Seven Virtues[/li][li]Name one of the Seven Sins[/li][li]Name one of the actors playing 007.[/li][li]Name one of the Seven Classical Celestial Objects visible to the naked eye.[/li][li]Name one of the Seven days of the week[/li][li] Name one of the Seven Harry Potter Books[/li][li]Name one of Shakespeare’s plays.[/li][li]Name a country with less land area than Switzerland.[/li][li]Name something people typically eat while dieting.[/li][li]Name a holiday traditionally spent with family[/li][li]Name a high school (secondary school) subject unpopular with most students.[/li][li]Name a pop song (any decade) that mentions a dog or dogs in the title.[/li][li]Name an age at which someone is considered to be ‘old’.[/li][li]Name a boy band.[/li][li]Name the day of the week most people do their grocery shopping.[/li][li]Name a mollusk.[/li][li]Name a military historian.[/li][li]Name a book written on military tactics or strategy.[/li][li]What battle is synonymous with a crushing defeat?[/li][li]Name a country that has been invaded more than once.[/li][li]Name a tribe/people famous for its military prowess.[/li][li]What is the most famous military school?[/li][li]Name a battle that occured prior to 1 A.D. (or 1 B.C.E.)[/li][li]Who was the greatest conqueror?[/li][li]Give the name of a World War II tank or other armored vehicle.[/li][li]Who is an admiral that served (for either side) in the US Civil War of 1861-65?[/li][li]Name one of the seven dwarfs who’s name does not end in the letter Y[/li][li]Name one of Santa’s 8 reindeer who’s name does not rhyme with another member of the team.[/li][li]Name a European city that you would like to visit.[/li][li]Name a US City that you would not like to visit.[/li][li]How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?[/li][li]Who was that guy, you know, in that movie?[/li][li]Name a treaty that ended a war.[/li][li]Other than Jessica, name an instrumental song that was a top 40 hit.[/li][li]What sex is the doper named Zebra?[/li][li]What is Chandler Bing’s job?[/li][li]Name a monarch with an honorific (xxx the great, xxx the terrible, etc.)[/li][li]Name a sport other than soccer that is more popular outside the US than inside[/li][li]Name a brand of soda whose name doesn’t imply the predominant flavor [/li][li]Name a fish that is not eaten in the US or Europe[/li][li]Name someone involved in the Gunfight at the OK Corral[/li][li]Name a no-longer living US Supreme Court Justice[/li][li]Name a type of Girl Scout Cookie[/li][li]Name a band, besides the Byrds, that covered a Bob Dylan song[/li][li]Name a species other than human that exists in the Star Trek Universe[/li][li]Name a euphemism for any body part[/li][li]Name a country which has won the World Cup.[/li][li]Name a country which has hosted the World Cup since 1982, inclusive.[/li][li]Name a country which has merged with another country in peacetime (please use the name of the individual country, not the new, larger country).[/li][li]Name a national capital which has changed its name.[/li][li]Name one of the 20 largest cities in the world.[/li][li]Name a famous film director from outside the United States.[/li][li]Name a country which lists olives among its chief exports.[/li][li]Name a world-famous athlete from anywhere other than the United States, Canada or Great Britain.[/li][li]What is the most popular sport in the Summer Olympics, internationally?[/li][li]Name a country which has hosted the Winter Olympics since 1976, inclusive.[/li][li]Name one of Santa’s reindeer.[/li][li]Name one of the Seven Dwarfs.[/li][li]Name one of the Seven Deadly Sins.[/li][li]Other than the Pyramids, name one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.[/li][li]Other than Harvard or Yale, name an Ivy League school.[/li][li]Other than tomatoes, name one of the vegetables in V8.[/li][li]Other than Richard Burton, name one of Liz Taylor’s husbands.[/li][li]Name one of Henry VIII’s wives.[/li][li]Name one of the 13 original colonies.[/li][li]Name one of Jesus’ apostles.[/li][li]Other than Earth, name one of the planets in our solar system.[/li][li]Name one of the events in the Olympic decathlon.[/li][li]Name a country where baseball players play during the major league off-season.[/li][li]If Wayne Gretzky did not exist, who would be considered the greatest player in NHL history?[/li][li]Name a champion female golfer.[/li][li]Name a “special teams” member position in football.[/li][li]Besides Jackie Robinson’s universally-retired 47, name a number that has been retired by many major league baseball teams.[/li][li]Name a city that used to have an NBA team but no longer does.[/li][li]Name an African-American professional tennis player, male or female.[/li][li]Name an NCAA football bowl game other than the BCS “big four” (Rose, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta).[/li][li]Name a pro sports venue that is expected to be replaced (for any of its tenants) within the next five years.[/li][li]Name a city (or other named location) that has a team in only one of the four American major-league team sports.[/li][li]Name a breakfast cereal with lots of sugar.[/li][li]Other than the Bond films, name a film starring Sean Connery.[/li][li]Name a Spanish artist.[/li][li]Name a profession that begins with “P.”[/li][li]Name a “department” at Home Depot.[/li][li]Name an animal that a kindergartener could identifiably imitate.[/li][li]Name an onomotopoeia.[/li][li]Name a non-motorized vehicle.[/li][li]Name an opera singer.[/li][li]Name something that adults can do that kids can’t.[/li][li]Other than Mississippi, name a state that the Mississippi river runs through.[/li][li]Name a state with lots of mountains.[/li][li]Name a state that cowboys come from[/li][li]Other than Alaska, name a state with cold winters.[/li][li]Name a president who served between 1880 and 1920.[/li][li]Name a president who was bald.[/li][li]Name a first lady.[/li][li]Name a US City that is famous for music.[/li][li]Other than New York, name a city with a large population.[/li][li]Name a state that that has lots of tourism.[/li][li]Name a kind of tree[/li][li]Name a battle in World War II[/li][li]Name a member of Monty Python[/li][li]Name a current or former member of George W. Bush’s cabinet[/li][li]Name a chess piece[/li][li]Name a movie that won the best picture Oscar[/li][li]Name a vampire[/li][li]Name a science fiction television series[/li][li]Name a species of big cat[/li][li]Pick a number between one and ten, inclusive.[/li][li]Name the average price of a steak dinner (with salad/potato/dessert & coffee) rounded to the nearest $5[/li][li]Name a Monkees tune[/li][li]Name a sitcom starring Bob Newhart[/li][li]Name an item of produce that is yellow[/li][li]When is dinnertime (on an average day)?[/li][li]Name a Katherine Hepburn film[/li][li]what’s the first thing you notice about someone you are meeting for the first time? (in one or two words only please)[/li][li]Name an early Woody Allen film (pre-Annie Hall)[/li][li]Name a John Grisham book[/li][li]Name an ingredient in Long Island Iced Tea[/li][li]Besides steak, name something you order at a steakhouse.[/li][li]Name a human character in a fairy tale.[/li][li]Name a brand of running shoes.[/li][li]Name a correspondent from 60 Minutes (past or present).[/li][li]Name a song by the Rolling Stones.[/li][li]Name a profession, other than waiter/waitress, where you work for tips.[/li][li]Name an animal commonly found in a petting zoo.[/li][li]Name something you’re equally likely to buy at the supermarket or the drugstore.[/li][li]Name a shade of blue.[/li][li]Name something you always have with you.[/li][li]Name a movie role that was portrayed so well, and so distinctively, by one actor or actress that you can not imagine any other playing that part.[/li][li]Name a movie with an extremely sad ending.[/li][li]Name a movie that is a sequel, or part of a series, which is much much much worse than the movie it’s a sequel to, or the previous movie in the series.[/li][li]What is the best action scene ever?[/li][li]Name a movie with a very short name. [/li][li]Name a movie that is frequently quoted on the SDMB. [/li][li]Name a movie that lots of people have heard of without having actually seen it.[/li][li]Name a movie based on true events which actually sticks pretty authentically correctly close to those true events (but which is not a documentary… ie, it involves actors playing the role of real people, not real historical footage).[/li][li]What foreign language film has been seen by the most Americans?[/li][li]Name a specific individual (living or dead) involved in Hollywood moviemaking who is neither an actor/actress nor a director, but is famous for something else.[/li][li]Name an expensive hobby.[/li][li]Name a seafood commonly prepared as sushi or sashimi.[/li][li]What celebrity wouldn’t surprise you if they decided to run for the US presidency?[/li][li]Name a team sport that doesn’t use a ball.[/li][li]What’s a curse word that could appear in a PG movie?[/li][li]Name a fast food chain that doesn’t serve hamburgers.[/li][li]Name an element found as a gas under normal conditions.[/li][li]What’s a city that has excellent public transportation?[/li][li]In a typical alphabet book written for children, E is for what?[/li][li]Name an American photographer.[/li][li]Name an English dialect spoken somewhere in the British Isles.[/li][li]What was the most destructive riot in living memory? (ETA: Please include both location and general date–usually a decade is good enough.)[/li][li]Which area is most prone to natural disasters?[/li][li]Name a country occupied by Germany during World War II.[/li][li]What is the most popular pastime in Australia?[/li][li]Name an operating system besides Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.[/li][li]Which 1970s song has been sampled the most in hip-hop music?[/li][li]What was the best movie of 2007?[/li][li]Name one of the top five most popular writers whose work is in the public domain.[/li][li]Which video game holds the record for most opening-day sales?[/li][li]Name an athlete known to have used illegal drugs.[/li][li]Name a famous battle of World War II.[/li][li]Name any country with French as an official language except France.[/li][li]Name a living language in the Germanic language family other than German or English.[/li][li]Name an English noun which came from Greek.[/li][li]Name one of the three components of the human mind according to Freud’s psychoanalytic model.[/li][li]For the first time, two Hispanic surnames are among the 10 most common in the United States. Name one of them.[/li][li]Which can kill a person faster: total lack of sleep or total lack of food?[/li][li]What is the most popular stimulant drug?[/li][li]Which musical genre indigenous to the United States has been the most influential?[/li][li]Which day of the week do you watch the most television?[/li][li]How long is a “long movie”? (answers in minutes)[/li][li]Name a type of pasta.[/li][li]At what age did you learn how to ride a bike?[/li][li]Other than work, name a place you go at least twice a week.[/li][li]Name a character from a video game.[/li][li]Name a popular vacation destination west of the Mississippi.[/li][li]Aside from Google (and the SDMB), name a website you visit everyday.[/li][li]What is the most popular Olympic sport?[/li][li] What was the last thing you had repaired on your car?[/li][li]Name a famous trumpeter.[/li][li]What is the most popular means of communication, other than face-to-face?[/li][li]Name a language spoken in at least two countries.[/li][li]Name a country with a king.[/li][li]Name an American writer.[/li][li]Name a Spanish painter.[/li][li]What was the best movie of the 1960s?[/li][li]Name a President of a country other than the United States.[/li][li]Name a war that occurred in Israel.[/li][li]What is the most popular college major?[/li][li]Name a car made by Ford Motor Company.[/li][li]Name a fruit usually eaten for breakfast.[/li][li]What is the most popular month for births?[/li][li]What Book of the Bible is most often read?[/li][li]Name a Hall of Fame athlete.[/li][li]Name a drink in which tequila is an ingredient.[/li][li]Name a popular movie with “American” in the title.[/li][li]Aside from poker, name a popular card game.[/li][li]Name a character who co-starred with Bugs Bunny.[/li][li]What age do you begin “middle aged?”[/li][li]Name an airline headquartered in the United States.[/li][li]Name a cartoon duck.[/li][li]Besides English, name a language one might study in high school.[/li][li]Name an automobile insurance company.[/li][li]Name a commonly used text messaging abbreviation.[/li][li]Name a television network found only on cable or satellite.[/li][li]Besides New York City, name a city in the state of New York.[/li][li]Name a popular brand of cigarettes.[/li][li]Besides a camera, name a feature you might find on a cellular phone.[/li][li]Name a daytime television “Judge”[/li][/ol]

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[li]Name a state with a ‘K’ in its name.[/li][li]Name a North American country besides the USA, Canada or Mexico.[/li][li]Name a (primarily) black and white movie from the year 2000 or beyond.[/li][li]Name a fictional town in The Simpsons besides Springfield.[/li][li]Give me another word for “cat”[/li][li]Name an NFL team that has won more than two Super Bowls.[/li][li]Name a famous mathematical equation.[/li][li]Name a Beatles’ song with the word “Love” in the title.[/li][li]Name an Olympic sport that requires a net.[/li][li]Name a Confederate General besides Lee.[/li][/ol]

The other isn’t really in the same category of games.

More recently used questions:

  1. Name a Computer OS.
  2. Name a defunct computer company.
  3. Name a profession associated with geeks. Other than computer programmer or technician.
  4. Name a famous geek.
  5. Name something a geek might wear.
  6. Name an object that could be described as “geeky.”
  7. Name a movie that is associated with geeks.
  8. Name a hobby that appeals to geeks.
  9. Name a crime that might be committed by a geek.
  10. Name an actor (or actress) associated with geeks.