USEFUL Covid commercial prospects

Covid commercials are coming out to convince those unvaccinated to get the shot. The problem is the celebrities they chose aren’t likely to convince those that don’t want to get them. At all.

But no sane person wants to try to even pay Ted Nugent for this.

What celebrity has gotten the shot, will say so, and conservatives will respect?

I was thinking about this in slightly more general terms: what would it take, as a general media effort, to get the vaccine deniers on board? I think it’s possible with the right stimulus; after all, they’ll easily forget they were ever anti-vaccine in the first place. It’s just a matter of what it is. Would Fox News be enough? Would Newsmax and OAN also have to go along? Are individuals (bloggers and Facebook posters) key? I’m just not sure.

Does it have to be a celebrity? How about filming one of the many people who have changed their tune on their COVID-19 deathbed?

How about just a list, with stock clips, of prominent people who have gotten the vaccine, such as Donald Trump, various Fox News presenters, etc.? For public figures for whom their vaccination status is already public knowledge, I don’t think you’d need to get their consent for that.

[GOP] Just another crisis actor.[/GOP]

I like this. Light on hypocrisy is a bonus.