User CP question

Why doesn’t it show the forum in the “subscribed threads” window?

Eh? Are you asking why you can’t subscribe to an entire forum, or why it doesn’t show which forum a subscribed thread is in? If the former, I suspect it’s because that would be a terrible load on the server, especially on active forums like MPSIMS. If the latter, I have no idea. It isn’t really necessary, as all you need to do is click on the emailed hyperlink, though it might be a nice feature if the thread title doesn’t immediately ring a bell.

I was under the impression we could subscribe to an entire forum. I’ve never tried it, but it’s right there on the CP page.

What I was speaking of is the second thing.

I get involved in a lot of threads, and I sometimes forget what forum a thread is in. Yes, as soon as I open it, the forum title is right there at the top.

But, say I’m in a mood only for light reading/posting and don’t want to continue a Pitting or look for cites for a GQ or whatever… You’ve got to admit that many some titles are not that descriptive. Get 20 vague titles that you’ve responded to over the past couple of days listed in your CP and you’ll see what I mean.

Not a big deal, true. But I’m curious. Same Q can apply for e-mail notification, too.
Q, how did the move go? Or have you yet?

All moved now. It went as smoothly as a move can, though it was a hot day for carrying heavy boxes. Next month or so I’ll be off again to my final destination in NC.

I didn’t check to see if one can subscribe to an entire forum or not. I’m surprised you can, as that seems like it might be a terrible strain on the servers, but perhaps it’s handled differently than I imagine it is.

As for having the the particular forum named in the subscription notfication email, I could do it in one line of PHP code. Whether they choose to do so or not, I’d wager not, though I think it would be a not-bad idea.

Subscribing to a forum does work, but it only shows the forum in your CP, nothing more.


Does it send you an e-mail, AoN?

Nope, I’ve recieved no email from subscribing to any forum. It would seem that the only real ‘use’ is that you can eliminate actually entering the forum when starting a thread by the ‘post new thread’ avaliable by subscribing.

I wouldn’t really want a fully functional subscribed forum option, that might be OK on a smaller forum, but here your email would be flooded.

Are you able for talking on MSN/AIM?

heh heh. That would be a lot of e-mails. :slight_smile: