Username in different font?

Every time I scroll through this thread (the one with the deported cat sitter), I notice her (the poster and subject of the thread) username is…blurry? Maybe not blurry, but lighter?

In any case, I assumed it was my theme, Vincent, since I have other font issues with it (bold doesn’t actually get bolded, lower case J’s in usernames don’t display properly etc).
I use FireFox, but even when I checked it on Chrome, in incognito mode and not logged in, so just the default theme, it still looks odd.

Here’s a screenshot showing her username along with the username’s of the two other posters, only hers looks like this. I did also try clicking on and visiting Dag_Otto’s profile, just to see if maybe that’s how it looks after being clicked on, but that didn’t seem to make a difference and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it anywhere else.

On Discourse, lower Trust Levels have lighter fonts for their names. Brand new members are the lightest of all.

It’s a PITA and I hate it, but that’s just the way it is.

Strange, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that.

It’s the same color as titles, even in the screenshot you can see where it says “Guest” next to Dag_Otto, that is identical.

I wonder if this can be addressed in each theme.

Me neither. Maybe because it’s not very often that we get a brand new member who does enough posting to attract my notice.

You can see it pretty often in resurrected zombies, like at the end of this thread.

I do also tend not to read names as I’m going through a thread, so that probably plays into it as well.

Thanks for the explanation and example. I’d seen the difference before but not really noticed it if you get the distinction. I would never have tumbled to the significance of it without your help.

Moved from ATMB to Site Feedback since this issue is with the Discourse software and not with the rules and moderation here.

We have Discourse set up so that new users progress to trust level 2 fairly quickly. Regular users should never progress beyond trust level 2 though as the higher trust levels allow the user to do things that we want to keep restricted to moderators only.

While we are kinda forced to use Discourse’s trust levels, it does give us the advantage of extra spam protection from new users, which works a lot better than the spam protection we had on vBulletin.

By the time a new user has posted to the point of attracting your notice, there is a decent chance that they have already advanced to trust level 2 in the system.

Doesn’t seem to be much of an issue on the lighter themes, at least not on my systems. It’s definitely harder to read in the darker themes though. Hopefully the Discourse folks will come up with something that is a little easier on the eyes.

Are you at liberty to discuss the criteria of the trust level progress? I noticed the user in the mentioned in the OP is still ‘gray’ but has over 20 posts.

Everything they’ve posted is in one thread, so that may be the only thread they’re reading. Discourse generally requires you to read five for TL1. You have to read 20 and reply in three threads before you can get TL2.