How do Discourse's Trust Levels work on the Straight Dope?

What TL do new members start at, and what are the advancement requirements from there?

I know what is typical for Discourse boards, but the Dope isn’t typical.

I think I read somewhere you start at TL1, quickly go to TL2 and then are capped.

If you can catch a new poster in the first few minutes of their SDMB experience, the name will be a little greyed out. I think that indicates TL1.

We don’t have likes enabled which are apparently required for TL3.



From what I’ve seen and read in the links you helpfully provided, it seems that new users start out at TL0 until they meet the TL1 requirements, at which point they jump straight to TL2.

I don’t have the details (those are admin settings), but new users do start out at TL0 then progress very quickly to TL2. Our intent was not to use trust levels at all, but I believe the limitations of TL0 and TL1 users do give us some protection against spammers and troublemakers who try to flood the board.

TL0 is greyed out. TL1 is not.

No. They don’t seem to spend too much time at TL1 but they don’t skip straight to TL2.


ETA: On most D-boards, there are various levels of greying that are done on the names. I made a sock (on another board) and took screenshots of my darkening name as I progressed to TL3.