Question about the FAQ

I just encountered the SDMB FAQ. It includes the statement,

Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Like button.

Is this a C&P error, or ominous forshadowing of horrors to come?

I assume you mean this: FAQ - Straight Dope Message Board

It is mostly a boilerplate from Discourse. I don’t think Ed Zotti ever tweaked this at all and Jenny probably never got a chance.

Thanks for linking.

Your Welcome.

I moved this to ATMB as it is more about us than Discourse.

I’ll alert @engineer_comp_geek and @Ed_Zotti.

That’s the default Discourse FAQ. The “real” SDMB FAQ is at the top of ATMB. Don’t worry. We’re not moving to Discourse’s user-moderated reputation system.

The terms of service are also just boilerplate.

We should update those.



(couldn’t resist!)