Trust Level 3

I can now apparently do the following (among other things):

You can now …

Edit the title of any topic
Change the category of any topic

I’m not sure it’s really a good idea to give these functions to the teeming masses. Can these be edited in Discourse to reserve them to the mods?

Right now, there’s only 25 of us. I’m sure if there’s any abuse, the mods will put an end to it.
Level 4 gets to edit posts if I remember correctly.
ETA: I’ve only done a topic move and an edited title by request of the OP.

My guess is that re-titling and moving threads are relatively harmless and probably a bit of a nuisance for the moderators. So giving a few of us the ability to do these things reduces the burden on the mods.

We were specifically told, over and over, that community moderating would not happen. So I would be more likely to assume that giving mod powers was a mistake.

Here’s a test: were you given instructions on how you’re supposed to change thread titles? Because there are obviously rules that mods have to follow. They don’t just change them–they use brackets and such, and indicated they edited the title–unless it’s a fix that was asked for.)

If you’ve not gotten those instructions, I would find it unlikely it was intended for you to have the power to retitle threads.

That said, I’m not against the idea. I’ve recommended giving reduced mod powers before. But the trust level stuff all seems to be stuff they don’t actually like–that’s why we all got upgraded to Trust level 2 and got tons of stuff that’s normally in Trust level 3.

From Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

Mod handjobs. I knew it.

They didn’t used to get paid enough for that back at vBulletin.

I forgot where, bu somewhere It said I could find out my trust level by going to “users”, but of course. I can’t. Instead I get a list of 208,000 users in seemingly random order, about a quarter of them banned, with my name first (not yet banned).

It says I have 63 responses, 37 visited ans 7 views… Is there a glossary that explains any of that

You can find your trust level by clicking on your avatar next to your post.

It says Member, which is trust level 2.

If you click on Member you’ll get the details.

FYI all - Per @needscoffee’s cite, Trust level 3 is labeled “regular”.

That choice of name implies that Discourse assumes a lot of people will be auto-promoted to it. Yes, the intention is more like “He’s a regular (= frequent customer) down at the bar” rather than “She’s a regular (= ordinary) user”. But there’s a lot of overlap. Successful places have lots of frequent customers who then become ordinary by their commonality.

Assuming all the settings in that doc are still set to the defaults, it takes a minimum of 100 days to achieve regular status. So late September for anyone who wasn’t part of the pre-cutover test team.

The other big hurdle is people must be giving & receiving a lot of “likes”, whatever those are. Since that’s not a part of current board culture, that’ll slow the rate of production of “regular” users. At least until we all learn that that’s the coin of the new realm and start giving them.

I’m not sure it matters enough to us ordinary schlubs for the administration to bother, but I’m curious what the settings are currently set to. It’s nice to be able to access Discourse’s documentation to know how to use the tools provided to us. It’d be even nicer to know when those docs are lying to us because of local setting changes or mods.

By the way, calling trust level 2 “member” may be a little confusing, since here on the SDMB member means someone who paid for a subscription to the board. Perhaps rename SDMB member to something else?

I think likes are disabled here so that requirement isn’t needed. I don’t think I’ve ever “liked” anything and I got trust level 3.

Stop by The Lounge, where we are discussing this. :peace_symbol:

I wasn’t part of the pre-cutover test team, but I got moved to level 3 several days ago.

– as has already been said, “likes” are turned off. I never gave any. I was given one before they got cut off; but apparently one doesn’t need the standard number of likes to get level 3 on this board.

That cuts way too many people out of the discussion.

I’m unhappy with the very idea of the Lounge. Why should we be encouraged to go off in a corner and prevent anyone else from reading or joining the discussion? If somebody really needs to discuss something private with someone or several someones in particular, there’s the private messaging setup. (Which, I notice, even looks like a thread here.) And that allows choosing specific relevant people, it doesn’t leave it up to an arbitrary set of rules.

See, I kinda like the concept of The Lounge. Then again, I also like my new buddy @discobot.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Hey, buddy!

I don’t think anyone is seriously encouraging people to go there to discuss board-related stuff. There’s only some joking around going there so no one is missing anything.

I meant that the Discourse setup encourages it, not that people on the Dope were seriously trying to do so.

Sorry for the confusion.

OK. I think the way the SDMB works, we want to post where everyone can see it. There may be other boards based on Discourse where the culture is such that a walled garden like that is useful for the most frequent posters to discuss stuff but that’s not been our culture.