Uses for leftover whey?

I just made some yogurt cheese and I have about a cup of drained whey that I don’t want to throw out if there is some good use for it. If there is no good use for it, I’ll toss it.

It’s a waste product that they had to get creative with, because of the disposal restrictions. Anything useful whey is used for is processed in a factory.

You could send it off to Iraq, it might like to be reunited with the Kurds.

Add to a smoothie for extra protein? Of course you may also add yogurt to that smoothie which I guess defeats the purpose of separating out the whey.

You could sit on a tuffet and wait for a spider to sit down next to you.

Use it as a dietary supplement.

Seriously. Mix it with your cereal or coffee, for example. Great for controlling hunger and building muscle.

Make bread and use it in place of the water.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith claims he was taught how to cook it in a wok. :wink: