Using a public forum as your own blog...

I have read that phrase several times. What does it mean? What does it mean to you?

Not to single anybody out, since this is IMHO, but to me that would be someone who obsessively posts trivial details about some aspect of their lives and believes other people find it interesting. They usually focus exclusively on one subject until they get tired of it, then switch to another subject.

OK, that is what blogs are for.

Right. But there is a difference between a blog and a public message forum. Some message boards, such as this one, have a clause in their registration agreements forbidding users from promoting an agenda. If you post too much about one subject, the moderators do reserve the right to restrict your posting about a topic. Other message boards encourage blogging and provide you free space for your blog. This is usually separate from the general discussion part of the forum, though.

Moreover, when I talk about my problems here those who do not understand make fun of me. On my own blog I could help them find a door.

But on a this forum I got tons of very valuable computer advice. I am using Sandboxie.