Using AT-tributes vs A-ttributes in spoken language

A solar panel entrepreneur in addressing a group this afternoon was saying his panel installation plans have these a (rhymes with “uh”) ttributes vs at (like cat) ttributes.

Is he wrong or this an acceptable pronunciation in that context?

ah-ttributes is a noun and uh-ttributes is a verb.

You mean UH-tributes? I’ve never heard it.

In the same way you would say

“I (uh) attribute her good character to her solid upbringing”

“He said my plan has these (uh) attributes”. I wasn’t sure I had heard him correctly, then he did it again.

He has a college education so it’s puzzling.

It’s a mispronunciation. Probably he’s just mislearned this word, and will continue to say it incorrectly until someone gently points out the mistake.

You are undoubtedly correct. He’s in his late 20’s and is selling a highly complex and technical product. I’m baffled how it has gone on this long without prior comment.