Using GIMP...any on-line tutorials, help, advice?

I’m trying to use GIMP. I just do some image smucking for my Web site, and I’ve learned how to make the background transparent, but I struggle with everything else. Example: after I use the rectangle select tool, how the heck do I move the selected area? I click on the 4-way-move jigger, but nothing happens. Then I smuck around for 20 minutes and somehow I get that selected area to be active and I can move it, but I have no idea what I did.


I’m not sure this is the best way to do it, but when you use the Rectangle Select tool, pressing CTRL X (cut) and then CTRL V (paste) will allow you to move the selected area.

Some GIMP links and tutorials.

You might want to look into GIMPshop, which is available here:

There have been some recent changes in the way GIMP handles selections. If you’re using GIMP 2.6, you should be able to move a selection by simply holding down the left mouse button over the selection and dragging it (while the selection tool is active).

You can also drag on the corners to expand or contract the selection.

Note that this moves the selected area, not the content of the selection. If you want to move the content you need to either cut or copy (or copy visible), then paste. And make sure you’ve got the correct layer as the active layer.

About GIMPShop, IIRC it’s behind in features compared to the latest GIMPs, and I actually wouldn’t recommend it anyway unless you really like its alternative interface; when stuff doesn’t work as you expect, you’re probably better off using the standard GIMP, since at least then you’ve got a reasonable chance of finding someone who knows how to fix your problem.

ETA: here and here is the documentation on selections.

Here is an online book, Grokking the Gimp.

This is the behavior I was seeing, now that I think about it. Apparently freakstasy is correct and cut+paste is the way to make it happen.


This thread inspired me to try Gimpshop but now I’m having a silly problem.
I’ve got 2 same-dimension jpgs and I want to combine them into one, so I was going to do this by doubling the height of the first pic’s canvas, and then paste the second one underneath.
I doubled the height and the copied pic pastes, but the second image is only visible while it’s over the first, if I move it into the new empty space it disappears and I only see the selected outline. It seems to be masked?
How do I make it so anything pasted is visible? I’ve tried playing with channels but that didn’t reveal anything. :confused:

You need to increase the size of the layer.

I found it rather counterintuitive at first, but the size of a layer is not necessarily the size of the canvas. I don’t know why that’s the case. But there’s a button that says “layer size to canvas” or something like that - that’s the button you want.

Excellent, much appreciated!

Gotta say though, GS looks a little buggy (running XP, SP3). If I minimize and then resize I get ghost toolbar windows that don’t have anything besides a close button that doesn’t work. :dubious: