Using Host Monster & its website builders?

My friend has signed up on Host Monster & is enlisting me to help build her website. The PageWizard builder they put up front is utter crap, but they also link to Concrete5, which looks like it has potential. Does anyone have experience with Host Monster as a site host, Concrete5 as a site builder, or any other site builders used with Host Monster? Advice is greatly appreciated!

I’ve not used it, but Concrete5 looks promising. It (or actually, anything) is probably a better choice than a single host’s proprietary page builder package - because changing hosts (if you ever want or need to) will be painful if you have to recreate all your content during the move (with a CMS that is independent of the hosting company, there should be no worry over that)

Well e107 and Drupal are the two big content management systems and those are free. I’ve not used concrete5 but if it’s free why not use it?

Wikis are also fun MediaWiki (Wikipedia) is the best known but it’s not user friendly while something like DocuWiki is much easier and doesn’t use databases.

The best way to tell is look up some websites made with concrete5 and see what they look like? I will definately look into this and see what it’s about