Using Kool-Aid as hair dye

Does that really work? How effective is it? How long does it last?

I need answers!

It really does work, but it never lasted very long on me–a week and a half or so.
Here’s a tip–mix it with conditioner; it’s cleaner that way.

It works better the less water that you mix with it–more concentrated. It will, however, stain everything it touches!

Queen Isabella dyes her hair with Kool-Aid? Wait till the ladies-in-waiting here about this!

Hi, Isabella.

Be careful if your hair is light!

I had a blond friend in HS that had lavender hair for months.

I used Kool-aid quite a bit for my hair. Another thing that works, but takes forever is washable Crayola markers.
I have even used dark strong coffee on my hair before.
Yes, I was a joy to my mother. And just recently at the age of 29, I was coloring the ends of my hair magenta, and then curling it so that it had a magenta streak effect.
For my they all only lasted until the next was, but then again it isn’t as expensive as hair dye, and if you don’t like, you just wash it out, no harm done.
The only person I have known that had a problem was my sister with her light hair. And the only reason it was blonde is because she lightened it from medium brown, and my aunt said that the color wash clung to the hair because of that.
Let me know what you try and how you liked it.