Using my iTunes library on two computers

I keep my iTunes library on an external USB-access drive—to save hard disk space. I might have to take my primary computer in for repairs. If I were to switch back to my old computer in the meantime, would it be safe for me to plug my iTunes library into the old computer and access it from iTunes there? Would it create any problems when I got my primary computer back and plugged it in and fired up iTunes?

There shouldn’t be any big issues. You might have to recreate your playlists (on your old computer) and play counts might not transfer back when you go back to your normal computer. Before you plug in the music drive, make sure the settings in the “Advanced Preferences” tab of iTunes preferences are what you want them to be. Plus, if you have any DRM’d music or are using the iTunes store, you’ll have to (re)authorize the old computer.


I keep my iTunes library on an external drive and have used it back and forth between a laptop and desktop quite seamlessly. As long as both computers have the same version of iTunes there’s no rebuilding playlists necessary. Assuming both computers are Macs. I’ve used iTunes on Windows, but never tried to share the library with another PC, so I don’t know if it works the same way.

So my old computer has iTunes 11.4. I don’t think it can update to iTunes 12. Will it cause trouble?