Using Nord VPN with Roku TV

I won’t ask for a really detailed answer, though offer them up if you want.

I just changed from a POS Android Philips TV to a Roku. I subscribe to Nord for use with Locast. The new TV has the Locast app but apparently you can’t install Nord on it. I tried using my phone as a hotspot, them just flat out screencast, but I keep getting a message on the phone saying bad location.

It worked well with the Android. So the question is this. Can I use Nord and Locast on the tv somehow or am I SOL?

Oh, and I checked my router but nothing in any menu shows a VPN seeing

Depending on the model, Nord may allow you to flash the firmware. I use ExpressVPN. I have two wifi routers, one of which is flashed with ExpressVPN firmware. It is a permanent VPN that I run all of my TVs off of.

That sounds interesting. Not sure how to flash a router though. I’ll have to research it. Thanks for the tip.

If you can’t flash your router there is always this option which will cover everything it’s attached to: