Using old version of Freecell

Silly question here, but the sanity of certain people depend on me getting an answer :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just installed Windows 7, and it’s fine, except the version of Freecell is crap - doesn’t let you move a stack unless you point at the top card, etc. I’m happier with the old version from XP, and want to install that on my new computer (I still have a computer which runs XP). Is there anyway of transferring it across? I’ve tried just copying the exe file, but that comes up with a ‘dll missing’ error.


I don’t know all the DLL files FreeCell needs, but try finding one called “cards.dll”. That’s used by FreeCell, Solitaire, and any other card games on your computer, and contains, among other things, graphics for the front and back of all the cards.

Thanks Chronos

If I find it, where do I put it?

Well, thanks to Chronos, this worked :slight_smile: For those interested, have Freecell.exe and Cards.DLL in the same folder.

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