Using silver threads in bed linens to combat hot flashes

For some insane reason, I thought a total hysterectomy at 41 meant I would never have to worry about menopause. Silly me. I went off hormone replacements last year and was plunged headlong into abrupt menopause. I started an exercise and diet regime to remove the extra pounds I began packing on and I’m happy about the results. But I am miserable at night with hot flashes and sweating. So here’s the question…

I saw in a linens store somewhere a new kind of bed linen that used silver threads as a way of moving the heat generated by your body away and diffusing it. I can’t remember the manufacturer, I can’t remember the store, I can’t remember if it was even really silver (menopause is a bitch on the brain as well). I’ve googled til my eyes glazed over. Does anyone know anything about this product? Does it sound like it could work in theory anyway? Information—especially links and testimonials—would be greatly appreciated.

Excuse me for a moment while I take another ice cold shower.

Good god, woman…if there’s any truth to this, I’ll be making a purchase directly. I shall watch this thread!

No, unless some substantial fraction of the sheet is metal. Silver has good thermal conductivity, but mixing it with an insulator like wool or cotton will dilute its ability to transfer heat.

Ah, silver threads among the wool!
I’m surprised nobody’s looked into this. A quick google search finds plenty of entries for “cooling blanket”. Here’s one:

Heck, you could fill your hot-water bottle with ice cubes and water and cuddle up with it. Or turn on the air conditioner and not use sheets.

I know they make socks and underwear with silver threads= “X-static”. It helps with odor, germs, fungi. Never heard of bedsheet with it, though.

There is the “Chillow”, which is a special cooling insert for your pillow. Works damn well, too.

Nothing to do with silver threads but have you tried vitamin E? Helped me and others reduce hot flashes to mild warming trends.

I had hot flashes after my baby was born. Sleeping in a waterbed helps a lot - the water’s got a pretty high thermal mass.

That looks like WAYYYYYY more cooling than I would need.

Believe me, I’ve tried both. The problem is that each hot flash, as intense as it is, only lasts for a few minutes. Then, since my skin is covered with sweat, I cool off just as rapidly and feel very cold until things equal out again. That’s why sheets that could wick (or whatever the word for moving heat, as opposed to moisture) away from the body core but not replace it with something really cold would be great.

If these don’t already exist, couldn’t one of you genius types who hang around here invent something like it for me? I promise I’d only ask for 50% of the profits.

This might be the first sensible use for aluminum foil hats and underwear!

You might try a “memory foam” mattress or mattress pad. The full mattresses are quite pricey, but we got a (Queen-sized) mattress pad at Costco for $100 or so a few years ago. Not only does it make the bed extremely comfortable to lie on, but it also seems to have a bit of a cooling effect (Not sure how this would work).

I also use a memory foam pillow, which I love.

(Note: the mattress pad we have is 2" thick, so we had to buy new fitted sheets that are specifically made deeper for modern mattresses with built-in featherbeds, etc.)

I’m extremely skeptical that these thin threads would have enough thermal conductivity to move enough heat quickly enough to make a noticeable difference. It sounds to me more like something on the snake-oil to placebo continuum.

You have brought this up to your doctor to try to alleviate your symptoms haven’t you? If not, please do. You don’t have to suffer hot flashes, they can help alleviate them.

My guess is that this is a retro-explanation to sound sciency, where the original explanation for using silver was silver’s connection to the moon, and the moon’s to menses. An old wives’ tale for old wives (or single women).

I’m married to a doctor, not that it helps. And the only real treatment is hormone therapy of one vareity or another. I did them long enough and have no desire for any more. I wish there were other strategies. I don’t mind the other parts of this process but I’ve never liked the heat (when I die, I’m going to Minnesota) and it’s especially tiresome at night.

Well, it sounds like the silver threads are probably ineffective so I guess I’ll keep looking for solutions. Thanks for all of the input though. [insert hot, sweaty middle-aged smilie here]

Never heard of the silver blanket. As a doctor and mech eng. I’m skeptical. Other options may be available besides hormones, though.

There’s your answer right there. Being a man, I don’t have hot flashes, but I have slept in underheated waterbeds and can attest that they will suck the heat right out of you. Another surface that will do that is rock, but I’m guessing most people would not be willing to go that far for the sake of temperature regulation.

I don’t see how any type of thread in bedsheets could help. Assuming the silver threads did help conduct heat away from your body (and that’s a pretty generous assumption, IMO), it’s going to conduct heat away from you all of the time, not just during a hot flash. So** if ** it works, you’ll be comfortable during a hot flash and cold the rest of the time.
Of course, your body may be able to adapt to being somewhat cooler most of the time. I know from spending a few nights on an unheated waterbed that mine isn’t.

Point a fan at your bed and sleep without a blanket.