Using the Bold, Italic and Quote buttons

When I prepare a post, it used to be that if I pushed one of the formatting buttons, it would insert the first tag where the cursor was located. I’d enter the text to be formatted, and push the button again, and I’d get the close tag.

Today, when I push one of the formatting buttons, I get a dialogue box saying “Enter the text to be formatted.”

Did I accidentally change a preference, or is this a change to the vB software? I prefer the former method, and would like to change it back, if possible.

I seem to recall that for all of these function I just had to highlight the text hit the button and it would insert both tags. I always remember it functioning like this.

Check the radio buttons just above the normal text entry area (not the quick reply box). “guided mode” is probably selected. Select “enhanced mode” instead.

It worked! Thanks!