Why aren't the tag makers working?

By this, I mean that if I want to bold or italicize some text, and highlight it and go to hit the ‘B’ or ‘I’ or whatever to create the tags on the end, it isn’t working. I have to manually put in the [ B] [ /B] tags or whatever around the text I want to format. Also, when I tried to create a word-link, the box to input the text and URL wouldn’t come up. I had to manually format the URL=http://whatever.com tags myself. Every time I try to use one of the functions, I get returned to the top of the page and nothing else happens.

I hope I’ve made some sense.

It’s working for me. Did you inadvertently switch from guided to enhanced mode? (Radio buttons are under the tag icons in the post window.)


Are you using a different browser or computer? Have you upgraded your browser or changed the settings recently?

I think my browser (Firefox 2.0) is acting a little wonky. I probably need to close it and reopen it, but right now I have too many tabs open and can’t be bothered to wait for them all to load again. I did switch the SDMB tab to IE View and everything’s working fine. So I guess relaunching the browser ought to fix the problem and I’ll do that a little later.