Using the Net to Figure Out Extremely Detailed Information

I want to know how many home runs Mike Schmidt hit against the Cubs in his career (don’t ask). Neither the Cubs web site, the Phillies web site, nor the Major League Baseball site were any help. Ask Jeeves? How about Ask Jeeves to stick it in his ear - no help at all.

  1. Where do I go to find out such minutiae?

  2. Anybody here know how many HR’s Mike hit against the Cubs?


Not exactly on the Internet, but there is a book by the Baseball Encyclopedia that has all that sort of home run information. I don’t have my copy handy, but I can find it later.

This site has a lot of stats on Schmidt. Your information might be in there. If not, contact the person who maintains the site for the info.

Also, you can call the Baseball Hall Of Fame records department any time during business hours. They will research querries such as this one for free. It’s in Cooperstown, NY and I’m too lazy to look the number up for you. Heck, you can do SOMETHING for yourself, right? :slight_smile:

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I was trying to get info on the running speed of NFL recievers, specifically Jerry Rice and Chris Carter. I think those two are both below average speed and yet are hall-of-famers. Any ideas on getting this info?

Baseball Hall of Fame (607) 547-7200
The phone book sits next to the computer and for me it’s local.

The encylopedia didn’t have that sort of information. You might ask at SABR ( ). They seem to have a mailing list where you might be able to post the question.

This could be of assistance, rasta:

krish: seems like my site and yours look pretty much the same. Sorry bout that.

I guess one is just a mirror site of the other. Oh, well.

For questions like these: go to your local library.