Using your keyboard number pad

When you have to type numbers, do you use the keys above the letters or the separate keypad to the right? This, of course, assumes you have the separate keypad.

I prefer the keypad and my NumLock is always engaged. My husband uses the pad for its other functions and disables the NumLock - that makes me say bad things when he uses my computer. :eek:

Who’s with me?

Both. Depends upon what I’m doing. If I’m writing say the number 4 in isolation, I use the keys above the letters. If I’m filling in a spreadsheet with dozens of lines of numbers, I use the keypad.

The number pad? Don’t you mean the * and + pad, with several purely ornamental buttons there as well?

That would make no sense on a full-size keyboard, because those other functions are on dedicated keys located between the alphabet keys and the numeric keypad.

If it’s a laptop or space-saver keyboard with no arrow keys and insert/delete etc between the main keyboard and the numeric keypad, that might be forgivable. But I personally don’t do that. I use the numeric keypad to type any long sequence of numbers.

Also, I remember PIN numbers visually, on the numeric keypad. I’d have to think very hard to type any of my PIN numbers on a regular keyboard without a numeric keypad.

I use the numeric keypad on my desktop, and when typing numbers on a laptop reach for the keypad and have a FTW? moment when it isn’t there.

The only time I use the keypad to enter numbers is when I’m entering my credit card number. Otherwise I’m not entering enough numbers in a row for it to be worth moving my hand all the way over there.

I use the keypad for doing number stuff, except when writing a sentence like “I have 2 dogs.”

I use a desktop most of the time but as my second machine I specifically bought a laptop with a keypad, because I am so used to having one.


That’s the way I see it, but I’ll allow the man his quirks, as long as he doesn’t mess with my keyboard settings!

That’s next to the right shift key, not on the numberpad.

I use a full-sized keyboard most of the time and when I’m doing data entry (especially numeric-only data entry) the keypad is what I use. It’s a lot faster.

As a kid, I learned typing using a manual that had lessons for the number keys at the top just like it had for the rest of the keys, so I learned to use those number keys first and can use them as fast as the other keys. Consequently, I’ve never had any use for the keypad on the side.

Only when using classic software like Nethack.

Sometimes I go thru spells where I have to enter numbers quite a bit and I find using the row keys faster. My fingers stay at “home base” more for the other stuff I’m typing.

I’m not organized or consistent with this - I’m a pretty clumsy typist.

You know what, when my son bought me a laptop some years ago, he asked me if I used the number keypad, and I said no. So I got a laptop without one. And then it turned out that I used it all the time, but not really consciously. Putting in my zip code, putting in passwords that required numbers, typing my address. I did not even realize I was doing it until I couldn’t.

So yeah. On my desktop I use the number keypad all the time. Now I know.

I don’t know how I could be so clueless, but that’s the nature of cluelessness isn’t it?

I use the keypad when I need to enter a lot of numbers, and the main keyboard for single numbers.

I guess I would use the number pad if I was entering lots of numbers, but I mostly just use the editing functions on the keypad. If there were a way to get the upper row of keys permanently shifted, I might get used to using the number pad instead, but I don’t think that’s possible.

I use the separate number pad. I spend as much time on a calculator as I do on a keyboard, so it feels much more natural. And since I use a laptop as my daily computer, I make sure to always get one with the number pad. It sure does decrease your options on what to buy, though!

My MacBook doesn’t have a separate number pad, so I use the numbers across the top. At the office, I use the keypad with my right hand and the mouse with my left hand.

Number pad! That’s my claim to fame. I’m as fast as lightning on the number pad.