USPS Mailing Regulations - re: drugs

Prompted by this thread, I perused the USPS shipping guidelines and noticed that

Okay, so, Rx drugs are fine to mail, as long as they’re marked appropriately. Then, I go on to read that

Wait, ok, so what about Rxs for abortive medications? Prescription drugs are fine – but you can’t mail anything designed for producing abortion?

On a (slightly) similar note, does this also mean that one can not mail coat hangers through the USPS?

Careful there. It’s not merely a question of appropriate marking. In order for distribution of a controlled substance to be lawful under 21 USC 801, et seq., et al, you still need a bunch of permits and such. It’s not fine for private individuals to mail prescription drugs. FYI.

Regardless, the question remains for companies and doctors who are licensed to distribute prescription drugs through the mail.

Prescription drugs are not controlled substances, in most cases.

Hmm. So, this only applies to prescription drugs that contain controlled substances, and the mailing of other prescription drugs is not restricted?

And re- the “no abortive products,” does that, indeed, rule out mailing coat hangers and the like?

Upon further research, it would appear not, but damned if I’m gonna read through all of 21 CFR 1300, et seq. to find out for sure. :wink:

I wouldn’t think so. The referenced US Code title, 18 USC 1461, reads in part:

So, presription or nonprescription drugs or controlled substances which are intended for abortion are out, but a coat hanger would probably be fine, unless it included instructions for using it as an abortion tool, or were labelled to be used as such.


No, there are other restrictions. See [url=“”]:


That was a joke. Coat hangers were not “designed, adapted, or intended for producing abortion,” although you might adapt one.