USPS rescued by judge

The judge specifically pointed out the politics of the postal service “slowdown”. I didn’t see anything about the Postal Police though.

An appeal by the DOJ in four, three, two…

USPS rescued by judge recusing DeJoy.

This seems like big news to me, but the story is being buried. I wouldn’t even know about it if it weren’t for a friend on FB.

Well, first off, there’s already a thread here:

I don’t do FB, so having important news on the top page here is like, better that the NY Times.

Also, its a judge blocking a policy. It could solve the problem indefinitely, or be overruled tomorrow, like so many other fixes. Hard to get excited about.

It was on the “front page” of CNN’s website.

Unfortunately, I think it’s also a case of too late, damage done.

Here’s another case to maybe restore some people’s faith in our election process, if only perhaps by a little bit.

Merged threads. Probably a few posts out of order now though.