USPS Tracking (Manifest Ack?)

I’m really puzzled on this shipping that says “manifest ack”

Here is what the tracking looks like:

Manifest Ack

Oct-03-12, 20:51 PM, My town, WI 54020


Oct-03-12, 20:10 PM, SAINT PAUL, MN 55121


Oct-03-12, 20:09 PM, SAINT PAUL, MN 55121


Oct-03-12, 16:31 PM, My town , WI 54020
So as you can see, the packaged was scanned in my town, sent to the large sort facility in St. Paul, where it was scanned…and then sent back to my town???

Can anyone clarify?

it may be that your town’s post office doesn’t have the space/machines/people/time to sort packages.

it is easier to take the whole cart to the sorting facility. the added cost of taking a few packages back is not much of anything.

The destination is somewhere in Florida though, once they send it to St. Paul, wouldn’t St. Paul just continue it on the journey?

From what I’ve been able to gather by Googling “Manifest Ack”, it seems to be some internal bookkeeping thing that acknowledges that the package (or possibly the postage for it) was received. I can certainly imagine a system where the package was picked up and scanned a few times before somebody got around to entering some of the package’s data into the system.

ETA: Oh, and it doesn’t mean that the package came back to Wisconsin; it means that somebody in Wisconsin entered the package/payment information.