USS Enterprise, a wind Tunnel, and Space Debris: A Tragedy from the Future!

A lesson in always raising your shields while in the Hershey Bar galaxy!

They shoulda polarized the hull plating…oh, wait…Did I use that phrase correctly?

That’s the beautiful thing. No one knows…and it doesn’t matter.

Pft. It was the A. If it had been the D or E, it would have been a different story.

The holographic interferometry shows how nicely the shock wave from the bow passes down and below the engineering section. Good design.

Glad they didn’t raise the shields like they did in the movies. Remember when the shields came up as those little dots all around the exterior. That woulda really created some bad shock waves!

Next time they need to try some other versions - especially ones that have a solid engineering section and not two halves stuck together.

They should have re-routed the warp engines through the main deflector shield to create a tachyon pulse just before the moment of impact with the space debris. That would hae done the trick.

Unless, of course, there were tetrion particles emanating from the quantum flux…

Pfft. All that they needed to do was to reverse the polarity. That always works :wink: