USS Halliburton? Fleet days?

According to last night’s Letterman, it’s “Fleet days” in New York. We don’t get those often in the center of the continent, so could someone please explain what fleet days are?
One of the navy ships Letterman mentioned was the USS Halliburton. The audience was a bit confused as to whether this was a joke, but Dave played it straight. Googling on “USS Halliburton” draws a blank, but not all navy ships have websites. Does anyone know if there actually is a USS Halliburton, and if so, what kind of ship it is?

Unless there was a famous Admiral Halliburton, there is almost certainly not a ship named that in the US Navy. Here is a list of the ships that will be participating. The main site (here) will have more info about Fleet Week in general. It’s sort of the naval equivalent of the old parades that the Soviets used to do in Red Square. It’s a combination of a parade, a demonstration of the impressive might of our fleet, a chance to show the taxpayer what they paid for, an opportunity for a grateful country to applaud her sailors, and so on.

Fleet Week is an annual event held in New York around Memorial Day where the U.S. and Foreign navies (and the U.S. Marines) send ships, equipment and personnel for a port call. It’s been a successful public/community relations event for many years here.

One of the ships participating this year is the USS Halyburton (FFG 40), named for Pharmicist’s Mate Second Class William David Halyburton, Jr. who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor on Okinawa for his death under fire providing medical care to a wounded Marine.

So in NYC there are tons of men walking around in their white Navy uniforms in little packs.
Also there is sometime a Tall Ship Parade, which you also won’t get in the center of the country but since NYC is an island, well actually several islands, the ships put on a parade up the west side.

Well, the annual Future Farmers of America convention will have to make up for that- Packs of highschoolers walking around in blue jackets. Very impressive :wink:
Thanks for finding the homonymic frigate Bildo. I’ll bet the sailors on her take a lot of ribbing these days.