Utensils (a frivolous Friday poll)

You get a knife right off the bat. Then you get one other choice. ONE other choice.

Chopsticks? (You get two of them, but they still count as one choice.)
Other? (Salad tongs or something.)
-Rue. (Fork)

Spoon. I like spooning. mmmmmm, spooning…

huh? What??

Chopsticks - I need that level of entertainment.


Best of both worlds…

Hmm. I’d second the spork. If available.
If not – tongs.

Fork, I don’t like any food that requires a spoon.

Spork. You can eat soup and spear your entree’ with it!

Definitely a spoon.

You can’t eat soup and ice cream and pudding with a fork.


Definitely a fork.

Yes! A knife and a spork! A titanium spork! No food can remain unedible if I am armed with a knife and a spork! Except food I don’t like. You know like those fart smelling brussels sprouts.

Then again, if I were eating olives out of one of those skinny jars, the spork wouldn’t help. Oh wait! I have a knife. I can spear them little green (or black if you prefer) suckers with my knife. BWAHAHAHAHA! No food escapes!

Sure you can! Well, as long as you’re only eating Chunky[sup]R[/sup] soup. :stuck_out_tongue:

The ice cream and pudding doesn’t present any inherent problems on their own.

I like forks, not only are they nifty little inventions, their a great weapon.

Gah - I hate making stupid typos because I’m too lazy to preview (for the grammar nazis: I do know the difference between their and they’re.

PS: It was Chunky soup that used to (still does?) advertise that you could eat their soup with a fork, wasn’t it?

Can I choose one of those camping swiss knife thingies that has all three in one for my one other utensil??? Huh???

I think I’d have to go with the fork. Some things like soup would be difficult to eat, but I could sip the broth from the bowl if nothing else. As for things like ice cream, it could be eaten with a fork, although it would be somewhat awkward.

Originally I was going to go with a spoon since a knife could double as a fork in some circumstances, but would be too difficult to use this way, not to mention the hazard of cutting my lips.

No brainer: Rail gun.

Swiss Army Knife.

Spoon - definitely.

But they had Pepsi?!?

I would have an electric fork. The switch would be labeled, “fork On / Fork Off!!!”

Spoon. I know I use more spoons than forks. And some of the stuff I eat with a fork, I could use a spoon for, like the fried rice I’m eating now. Anything non-spoonable, like green salad, I could eat with my hands.