Vacation Advice: Door County, Wisconsin ???

Has anyone been there, done that? With so many choices, what would be good to do, where should we stay? What should we avoid?

Leaning towards going in late July/early August. Probably will be my wife, 11 month old baby boy, myself, and my SIL, BIL and their 2YO and 4YO kids.

Probably interested in antique shopping, light hiking, boat rental, fishing excursion, beach or parks for the kids. A resort with a nice pool would probably be better than a B&B since the kids will be going.

Thanks in advance if anyone can share their thoughts on Door County, WI.

I have been to Door County a couple times. It’s quite lovely, and so charming I could puke. It seems as if the locals earn their living by creating cheap crafts and selling preserves.

During the summer it’s going to be crowded and expensive. I liked going in the late summer or fall - the tourists left and the weather was better.

The hiking isn’t all that great - crowds and lots of development.

Another place you may want to consider (instead of Door County) is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan - it’s not as kitchy or annoying. The “mountains” are great to hike and there’s plenty of fun for the kiddies.

My old boyfriend had a vacation home in Door County so I can’t recommend any places to stay (sorry) and I can’t remember details of places we hung out (sorry again, it’s been 10 years!)

Thanks for the reply. I’d kinda’ like to avoid some of the crowds, so I wondered if any of the little towns in the county are less busy than the others, then we could just drive around to the things we want to see.

Anyone else know anything?

I was there several years ago. Scenic and quaint, but I haven’t bothered to go back. Sorry I can’t give you any more advice than is on that web page.

Like Sax said late summer is probably better than early. Is Lyme disease still a problem there? Watch out for ticks.

I’m so sorry. I just came back to check,and I see that my post didn’t make it! That must have been when the board went down yesterday. Anyway, I don’t know much, but my brother lives close by there, and has been there many times. I’ll get you two in touch, if you like, and he can fill you in. Send me an email, and I’ll pass it on to him.

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