Vaccination Status Poll

I just noticed that right now, CVS suddenly has a huge amount of availability. Almost every store has slots available. That’s after months of hardly ever seeing anything.

Two Modernas in me. First one, I had to drive 75 miles, wait half an hour, get my shot, wait 15 minutes, then was on my way. No discomfort. Second one, had to drive 125 miles away, no sooner was I in the door than the doctor was sitting me down and readying the needle. Still had to wait 15 minutes after. Within about 45 minutes I was feeling like someone had taken a sledgehammer to my bicep.

Wednesday (5th May) I’ll be two weeks since my second shot and considered fully immune.

Two Pfizer shots and three weeks in so my T and B cells are itching for a fight; but we’re not going to talk about that. Sore spot near the punch mark, no other symptoms. A few of us military/ govt. civilian geezers have opined that getting dozens of vaccination prior to deployments and living all over the planet might have brought/bought some immunity(?).

Just had my second moderna yesterday, arm aches and I feel like crap. Hopefully I will be fighting for tomorrow.
My wife and daughter are vaccinated fully, the 17yo boy has his second jab next week and the 14 year old is waiting.
Here in Houston it was all very easy, my wife had it through the school sub system, both kids through texas children’s hospital and I went for the Houston emergency systems. It was all pretty easy, booked appointment on line , drove to a school stadium and in true texas fashion we all stayed in our cars and got a jab through the open window then had to wait 15 minutes. Super efficient.
I am seeing signs around town now advertising the wait times of 0 minutes if you just want to go to the no appointment vaccinations at NRG park. That’s good , but also a little concerning as it implies people are not pilling in getting vaxed up.

Stupidist thing seen on LinkedIn yester day was someone commenting that there was ‘No undo button on getting a vaccine’
Not much of an undo button in dying either although the types who post that shit only seemed to be concerned about themselves dying which they think is a minimal chance.

I got my second poke today of Pfizer. I must have had a newbie because I got jabbed twice and I’m pretty sure I heard her say “oops” after the first one. A supervisor was watching the whole time so I’m not worried.

First shot of Pfizer today. Hadn’t even planned on doing it. Went to Walgreen’s to pick up a prescription and they had a sign up saying they were doing vaccinations by appointment. So when I tried to make an appointment they said “Hey, we just happen to have one dose on hand, do you want it now?”

So I got it.

Five hours since injection and no side effects yet.

Moderna dose 2 today. Tender swollen spot at injection site, which is normal for injections, so far as I can tell. The Walmart I was at (same one as for dose 1) is now taking walkins.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:Oops is a thing you never want to hear from a health worker.
She may have hit a blood vessel with the first jab. Then you have to try again.

Had to change my vote.

Scheduled for Wednesday!!!

Getting my first dose of AstraZeneca on Thursday; My local doc finally has the vaccine.

Australia has been abysmally slow in rolling out the vaccines with naff all notification about eligibility and availability. It was only by chance seeing the doc yesterday about an unrelated issue that got me an appointment on Thursday. Otherwise I’m sure I’d be waiting for months.