Vacuum Cleaner Won't Turn On, Potential Explanations?

So I was vacuuming yesterday for about thirty minutes after which I turned it off. When I returned to turn it on again, it simply would not start. The lights would turn on, but the machine itself would not. I doubt it overheated , as it was not operating for a long duration of time. I cleaned it out, but that was no help.
My last attempt was to plug it into another electrical outlet, but again same thing.

My vacuum is a Shark brand, which I bought roughly a year and a half ago.

Any advice, or do I have to exchange for another one?

Since you don’t report seeing any problem (sparks?) and no feature is getting power, I suspect a power switch failure when you clicked it off -or- a wire in the power cord was just on the verge of breaking and finally separated when you moved it.

If you can find a vacuum cleaner shop those things are easily fixable.

Maybe pay more attention to the vacuum cleaner’s needs, for once? Foreplay isn’t just hitting a button, you know…


Take it apart and clean it. In particular make sure nothing is snagging on the motor arm, belt or roller. Also, make sure the the intake cooling holes on the motor are clear. There is usually a small filter over those: remove and clean. Of course the entire air flow path has to checked for obstacles.

Some models might have a “full bag” detector that shuts down the motor. Easily tested by removing the bag and doing a quick test.

There also might be a reset switch hidden somewhere, but quite uncommon now.

I disagree with taking it to a shop. It rarely makes sense for standard VCs nowadays. Unless you have a Kirby or some such, they are disposable.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

Nature abhors it?

It’s broken.

I’ve been sitting and waiting for someone to post that. The OP described the situation perfectly, it was working before, now it’s not. Apparently people still don’t recognize that as the number one indicator of a broken appliance.

I have a Miele which does the same thing sometimes. The solution: there is a button on the handle which adjusts the power level up or down…when the machine cuts itself off, it also turns the power level all the way down. The fix is to press the little button with the plus sign on it. :smack: Hopefully your vacuum problem is as easily solved!

Moving to IMHO.

Hurray for us. :slight_smile:

The OP has a Shark[sup]TM[/sup] vacuum. Sharks[sup]TM[/sup] do NOT break down. On occasion, however, they may decline a request to engage.

Diagnosis - declined to engage
Prognosis - depends on underlying cause of passive aggressive behavior
Treatment - treat it with more respect. Or shoot it. Or respectfully shoot it.