Weird electricity/vacuum cleaner problem

This has been going on for a while, but it wasn’t until today that I decided to try to figure out exactly what is wrong with my vacuum.

I can use the vacuum for 5-10 minutes. At that time, it will stop running and will not turn on. I’ve been taking this as “A SIGN!” and have grabbed the opportunity to stop vacuuming. In a half hour or so, the vacuum will turn on again.

Yesterday, the vacuum wouldn’t restart after a half hour unless I switched the plug to another outlet. So, plug vacuum into outlet A. 5-10 minutes. 30 minutes. Switch to outlet B. Vacuum. 5-10 minutes. 30 minutes. Switch to outlet C. Vacuum. A and B still don’t work for the vacuum but are fine for all other uses.

Er, any ideas what’s going on? Am I frying something? Is my vacuum possessed by an evil spirit? Should I make offerings of fringey rugs and a cat or two?

The 30 minute reset time sounds like the behavior of a thermal overload protector. If it were me, I’d rip the motor apart and clean it, paying particular attention to the bearings. YMMV, but it is something you want to get on top of:

from here

I’ve no idea why switching outlets should provide a temporary workaround for you.

Well, I have taken it apart and have definitely discovered way too much cat hair inside there. I was letting the weird outlet fu distract me from the most likely explanation. Thanks.

Sounds like a thermal heating in the prongs of the plug and receptacle not being tight.
As soon as the vacuum stops, pull the plug and check the prongs for temperature.
Perhaps a new cord end plug might solve the problem.

The first two mentioned and one last to add.

A loose wire connector in the outlet could be a problem, also the wire resistance may be greater in the one outlet. I was going to go into a explaination of thermal resistance, but lets not.