Vacuums that work well on hard flooring?

So in my house I have a lot of tile flooring. I hate sweeping all the damn time, dirty dustpans and all the crap that gets left on the floor.

I have been looking at stick vacs (not like the Swiffer vacuum) and the product reviews are so mixed, I have no idea what I should choose.

I already have a Kenmore cannister vac that works great on carpet, but I am looking more for something that would be easier to use far more frequently than a full blown vacuum.

lightweight and easy to use/store
powerful enough to pick up kitty litter

Would be nice:
cordless/rechargeable would be fantastic
could be used on short-pile area rugs
under $150.00


Any recommendations?

i’m a roomba disciple. they are wonderful little guys. push the button, go to work or movies, or whatever meets your fancy, come back and the little guy has hovered and is back in its cradle recharging.

it meets all your requirements, and if you catch it on sale (i recently saw it at loews) it can be under 150.

dyson would be my second choice.

The roomba would be nice, if all the hard flooring was downstairs. I was thinking more something I can carry upstairs to do the hard floors upstairs too.

My cats would probably gang up on the roomba and kill it or something.

I’ve had good luck with my Electrolux.

I completely love my Shark Plus Canister Vac. It keeps the dog hair off the hardwood, it’s small and light and powerful and easy to store (and cheap! mine was $60), and I’ve never had any problems with it.

i use the roomba upstairs as well as down. it has a nifty handle and i just let it roam. it goes through my house in 3 parts. all of downstairs, front 2 rooms upstairs, back 2 rooms upstairs. i swiffer the steps.

i do the same with the scooba.

In case anyone wonders what I decided to buy, I got this Dirt Devil model cordless stick vac.

So far so good. It picks up the litter, kibble and even small gravel bits (1/4" or less) plus all the kitteh hair.

I bought one of these a while back and it’s pretty much a worthless piece of crap.
On a full charge I’m lucky to get all of about 2 minutes out of the thing.
The tiny airfilter gets full everytime you use it and to clean it out you need a toothpick or paperclip to attempt to clean it out.
About all it’s used for these days is a replacement for a dustpan to pick up the dustpile after using a regular old broom.

Yeah, I had that one too, before my brother in law turned me onto the Electrolux. The Electrolux handles way better and is easier to empty. But you know what? Half the time I still just use a broom, then clean it up with either a dust-buster or the Electrolux.

I have sworn by Miele vacuums for hardwood and tile for years now. They aren’t cheap, though.