Valar Hiatus: The Game of Thrones offseason thread

How is he “supporting”? He’s the main character, dammit. I guess it’s because he’s “supporting” every other damn character. Dammit.

Does that show not have a “leading” actor? Will all their actor nominations be Supporting?

I think Alfie Allen (Theon) should have been nominated supporting, with Peter as leading. Dammit.

Looks like we probably have a Ramsay Snow.

IIRC, in season 1 he got last billing as either “and” or “with.” You know, Andy Rooney territory. It moved up towards the top in S2. But like academic papers, sometimes being last is the best place.

Yeah this show is just a bunch of supporting actors. Dinklage does deserve it in a sense, but he also gets access to the best lines. Him and Bronn.

ETA: Do we not see Stannis wife at all in S2? I could’ve sworn she (or some woman not Melissandre) was standing next to him like they were together in one of the first episodes.

Yes when they were burning the old gods on the beach his wife stood beside him.

Thanks. I decided to look it up, and looks like they switched actresses, something not without precedence. The “new characters for S3” press probably just didn’t do their research.

Beric was in season 1 as well. Both characters were just place holders at the time though. I think they call them “featured extras.” It’s not a recasting like Gregor. I’d love the original Gregor back for future seasons though the current guy is too skinny.

Which reminds me, what are they doing about Ser Barristan? Is Ian McElhinney coming back? Are they getting someone else to play him, or are they leaving the character out of the rest of the show?

They haven’t announced all casting, and since he’s not new casting, I bet he’s not announced. It’ll make his reveal as much of a surprise as possible.

I wonder if he’s been growing a beard.

It’s been confirmed that McElhinney is returning.

I got a kick out of today’s Book of Biff webcomic:

A Song of Ice and Fire and Autocorrect

Good catch! Yes, it was Thomas Sangster (now Brodie-Sangster). I see he also provides Ferb’s voice in Phineas and Ferb!:

Those who like Aiden Gillen (Littlefinger) should see The Dark Knight Rises, in which he has a small but important role early in the movie.

He’s the CIA agent in charge of the flight which Bane skyjacks.

Turns out GRRM has some strongly-held political views, too:

A few casting announcements: Ciaran fucking Hinds has been cast as Mance Rayder. Ed Skrein as Daario Nahaaris. Jacob Anderson as Grey Worm.

Hinds seems quite a bit too old, but I’ve been pretty happy with the casting so far. Mance isn’t a very physical role for the most part, but we’ll see.

Who do we need now? Strong Belwas and Vargo Hoat?

I think Hinds is a great choice for Rayder, he’s got the charisma and gravitas to play the role. I know nothing of Ed Skrein and Jacob Anderson but an image search reassures me.

I’ve always pictured Strong Belwas as looking a bit like a taller, heavier David Tua. Maybe Serj Tankiancould grow his beard back and play Vargo Hoat.

Cool, now GOT has Caesar and Brutus.

Game of Thrones theme played on a cat:

Every well-dressed Hand of the King will want one of these:

Do I have to choke a bitch to get a Hand necklace? Gah!

Identical twins electric harp duet: