Valar Hiatus: The Game of Thrones offseason thread

There will be spoilers in this thread by necessity. This is the place to post casting news, media appearances, awards (we hope) and general updates about the series.

And now that my OP is up and there won’t be any mouseover issues, an experienced stage actress has been cast to play Shireen Baratheon.

I thought Shireen was older – mid to late teens, at least.

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The actress fits the age range I thought for Shireen. I was thinking pre- to early-teens.

Martin is working hard to stay ahead of the series.

I like how he admits he does not outline and often goes down blind alleys. I also want to see the book of maps and the Westeros history book. But he should concentrate on the books. I have forgotten-- are there two planned unwritten books?

I think so. Winds of Winter and – what – something Spring or Summer?

From another board, a fan lamenting this past Sunday with no new episode: “Tonight is dull, and full of tedium.”

The last book will be a dream of spring.

I just assumed they’d written her out since they didn’t use her (or her fool) this season.

Next season should be a pretty straightforward following of Storm of Swords, but have the producers said how they’re going to handle seasons four and five yet? I think we can be sure there’s no way they’re going to give Peter Dinklage a year off, so they’ll probably put Crows and Dragons in chronological order, which I think would confuse even Martin, though to be honest that’s how I wish it had been written.

Since they didn’t off Tyrion’s nose (which admittedly would probably be a pretty expensive effect, having to digitally alter every scene he’s in and that’s a lot of them) I wonder if they’ll off Jaime’s hand.

I think they’ll have to do something. If not amputation, then some kind of paralysis. They need that catalyst.

Wouldn’t it be technically easier to lose a hand than mess up a face? His hands don’t need to be in every shot.

As for combining Crows and Dragons, there’s a website somewhere that lists the chapters of the two books in rough chronological order, for folks who’d prefer reading them that way. I don’t know where it is though, I’ve only seen it referenced.

Shouldn’t be too terribly hard. The time he spends without it in captivity will probably only be a couple episodes long, and after that they can just have him wear a solid gold glove in every scene after that.

Not so much a spoiler as an Easter Egg from season one…

Regarding one of the heads on a spike…

I love the fact that they just happened to have a severed Bush head lying around. Because really, who doesn’t?

Ha ha. I wondered about that with the Dothraki guy who couldn’t come back for season 2 so they killed him off but we only got to see the back of his severed head-- could they not show his face because of a contract issue or was it merely a severed head budget issue? Sounds like it was probably the latter.

Well, season 4 will be the second half of A Storm of Swords. That book will be covered in two seasons.

I have a severed head of Franklin Pierce, but just haven’t found a good use for it. Yet.

Looks like the Dubya head was the one next to the septa. But it’ll be removed from the DVD:

Yea, I suspect her inclusion in the cast suggests she’ll be a bigger character in the future books (since she’s basically been a non-entity so far). Which makes sense, her spouse would technically be the heir to the throne, so assuming Stannis is still a going concern in the next book, she’d be politically important.

Looks like it’s starting to become a shitstorm. HBO and the producers are apologizing all over the place, and apparently some Republicans are bitching about it.

Put me down as a conservative that doesn’t particularly care. It’s a prop that happens to look like Bush. It represents a fictional character, not the former President. Possibly poor judgment, but not a big deal.

I was happy to read at EW that Meera and Jojen Reed are going to be a part of Season 3.

Definitely poor judgment. I can’t stand Dubya but consider it to be in poor taste, and if they’d used Obama’s head the liberals would be screaming bloody murder. Really stupid of them to admit to using it even once they did.

I wonder if they’ve cast Olenna (Margaery’s grandmother) yet. I pictured Shirley MacLaine when I read the book.

They have to do one disastrous wedding or the other next season; we can’t wait two years to see both The Red Wedding and Joffrey Biting It enacted.

I could see either Shirley MacLaine or Maggie Smith as Olenna. Or maybe Louise Fletcher? She hasn’t worked much since she played the two-faced Bajoran cleric on ST: DS9, I don’t think.