Valet Auto Review: Porsche Carrera S

This edition of VAR deals with the Porsche Carrera S.

The model was silver with flat black interior.

The ignition, like all Porsches, was on the door-side of the steering wheel: IIRC, a throwback to the days of LeMans when drivers had to run to their cars , start them up, and drive off to get to first place; the odd placement of the ignition meant the driver could start the car while still outside.

This is a sports car with two rear seats…useable if your passengers still wear diapers or at least have paper thin calf muscles.

The engine is a bit of a mystery…aside from the air filter box and an alternator, not much of it can be seen, though it revs smoothly.

Instead of a Tiptronic auto slushbox, this model had an honest-to-God 6 speed manual.

As a performance car, its suspension is very tight: you will feel every nook and cranny on the road surface as you drive

It smooths out around 70.

70?—in a valet parking lot. That must be really smooth… :slight_smile:

Makes me envy the OP’s job, though.
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I didn’t know this…interesting.

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Additionally, this configuration allows a free right hand for the gear shift, further hastening their take-off.

I checked out the link you provided. I love their statement under “Technical Specs in Detail”

By the way, did you get the opportunity to get it into 6th gear? :smiley: