Value of undergrad certificates

I found out that I will be getting a certificate in Information Assurance in addition to my degree. I am working a Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity with a focus in policy and compliance. My advisor let me know about this new certificate program, and he told me that since it only requires courses I would already need for my degree, that I would graduate with both. I have a about a year and a half left in my degree, and could finish the certificate sooner.
How much is a certificate like this worth, and will anyone care about it once I get my Bachelor’s?

It’s a small leg up on getting your first job. After that it doesn’t mean anything.

You should try to have several legs up (leg ups?) and not rely on just this small one. As long as it’s “free” to get, go with it. But do more.

Don’t know about that particular certificate but some of those certificates are helping a lot of people in the job market with or without a degree. It does put you in a position where you can find a job before you finish your degree. Or not, the wind shifts frequently.