Vampires and HIV-AIDS blood

I was watching “Blade” on tv the other night, and the thought came to me: What would happen if a vampire drank AIDS infected blood?

IIRC there is a movie with this theme, but I can’t remember anything about it aside from the theme.

Nothing. It’s been established that vampires can’t catch mortal diseases, although in the Anita Blake novels by Laurell K. Hamilton, they can get sick and die from lack of blood.

There was a very funny SNL skit on that subject, with Count Dracula interviewing propsective victims on their medical histories.

It’s not a particularly new concept. The first I can recall was Richard Purtill’s “Something in the Blood,” published in 1986. The usual thinking is that vampires are immortal so they don’t have to worry. Purtill had the vampires in his story actually curing AIDS by filtering out the virus. I don’t think many authors would to that at this point in time.

In White Wolf’s World of Darkness, the Vampires cannot themselves be infected, but they become carriers. Every human they feed from from there on out is infected by whatever disease the Vampire is carrying around.

James Woods played the vampire. At one point he gets to a girl who says about her boyfriend, “perhaps you’ve heard of him, his name is Kieth Richards”, to which Dracula says, “thank you, I must be going…”