Vampires Suck (open spoilers)

Nobody in their right mind expects much from Messrs. Friedberg and Seltzer, but this was actually funny. Simple, least-common-denominator humour to be sure, but funny. Of course it helps that before seeing this I saw New Moon on Blu-ray. Vampires Suck was far more entertaining of the two (not that that’s hard to pull off). I probally would’ve prefered if they just had post-haircut Jacob spend most of his screentime naked instead of just shirtless, but these films are always PG-13. Matt Lanter still looks hot covered in white paint. I also would’ve thrown in a scene were Edward and Jacob go from fighting over Bella to making out with eachother, Bella tries to intervene and get’s thrown through a window to her death. :smiley:
PS. Why oh why couldn’t they have worked in a scene were Mrs Sullen runs somebody over with a lawn mower? :smack:

They got to you, didn’t they? Are they holding your family hostage? Blink once for “yes”, twice for “no”.

I’m surprised! I’ve found the quality of the ‘parody movie’ genre to be somewhat lacking since the Wayan brothers stopped making them…