I just watched "Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter"

Indie film from 2001. I’m not a huge movie person, but we found it on Netflix. Has anyone else seen it? I laughed a lot.

If im not back in five minutes… call the pope.

It’s utterly insane. Despite being obviously calculated as ‘so bad it’s good’, I was pretty entertained – and really, how could you not be by a Kung-Fu messiah?

I’ve had it for a year & really need to sit down & watch it.

Amusing; I think I watched it the same week as Rockabilly Vampire so I conflate parts of the two, though.

I managed to catch it on satellite TV one Christmas eve a few years back… I loved it. I keep intending to buy it…

I liked the carload of atheists. And Mary Magnum.

I didn’t like it. They were trying for “so bad it’s good” but I think they missed.

It was really, really bad. I need to give it a second watch before I decide whether it’s so bad, it’s good or not.

It really fell off after Jesus got a shave and a haircut. I mean really - It’s supposed to be Jesus, and 20 minutes in, he doesn’t look the part. It’s not as if there’s any great acting going on to make me think it’s Jesus. The look was about all the actor had going for him.

I’ve seen it. It’s been a long time, but I remember it as quite amateurish, but funny. The guy who plays Jesus either works or used to work at Bytowne Cinema in Ottawa; I’ve seen him there a few years ago.

I enjoy it. Not as cheesy-good as Ultrachrist though.

I laughed through the whole thing, but my husband thought it was stupid. I don’t really remember much about it, other than that it was really funny. I really need to watch it again.

I thought it was really funny. The car full of atheists, the weird porno vibe with Mary Magdeline, and lesbian vampires. What’s not to love?

It is in fact a movie that you can watch.