I just saw the best movie I've ever seen in my whole life.

** Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter**

Oh. My. Just from the title I knew it had to be awesome. And its a musical. (But really there were only 2 songs in the movie).

Not great filming or cinematography. The dialogue was clearly taped after the video, since it didn’t match visually, but even then, it was amazing. Indescribable, but I’ll try.

First, they were all lesbian vampires, and the characters included Mary Magnum, Santo the Mexican Wrestler and the Good Transvestite (Good Samaritan). Jesus knew kung-fu and how to utilize everyday items for optimal vampire slaying.

I’m pretty sure some Canadian students or something filmed it. You can’t beat lines like (opening line) “Where have all our lesbians gone?” and “If I’m not back in five minutes, call the Pope.”

Has anyone else seen this?!

I have, and it’s, um, strange. “The best movie in the entire world”? Well, I wouldn’t go that far. :dubious: But it’s fun, and has a nice goofy premise, and the actors are engaging. I’d like to see it redone with a bigger budget.

I own and have seen this movie many a time. The commentary track is a blast.

Favorite bit is still the atheist fight in the park, hand’s down.

I saw it a couple years back. Quite a hoot.

I may have been over-excited with the “best movie ever” bit, but honestly, it was hilarious.

Apparently you can fit about 36 atheists in a Jeep, who knew?

Yes, but does it have snakes…ON A PLANE???

I really do like stupid humor, and the idea of this movie was great, but most of the jokes and such fell flat for me. Maybe I was just in the wrong mood, or maybe I have to see it with a bunch of people (I thought Zoolander and the Office sucked until I saw them with the right people), but I just didn’t enjoy it.

I heard about this, and picked it up from Netflix a year or so back.

Definitely a “so bad it’s cool” kind of movie. Cheesy dialog, plot, cinematography, and just enough surreal humor to keep you watching.

My favorite part was the scene transition they used a few times. A quick zoom in / zoom out of crucifix with someone saying “Jeeeeeeesus!”, along the lines of the spinning bat symbol in the Batman TV series. :smiley:

You might also like the TV series* “Jesus Christ Supercop”, which may be downloaded at Channel 102. Brilliant camp.

*Not really a TV series so much as an indie internet TV programming contest thing - you’ll have to read about it.

I recommend Ultrachrist.

Where’d you find this?

My friend was looking for a movie on Amazon. One of his favorite bands (The Red Elvises?) had done the soundtrack. Amazon likes to lump items together. If you buy this AND this, we’ll give you a discount, right? JC:VH was being pushed with this other movie. It looked so bizarre, he HAD to check it out.

He said it was the best $10 he ever spent.

Got it from Netflix and was absolutely bored stiff. I don’t usually demand high production values, or world class acting…but well, I can’t find a single thing that I liked about the movie. The sound was horrible, the picture quality was terrible, the acting was phoned in, etc… Bored me to tears, and I tured it off about 45 minutes in.

Glad you liked it though.