Van Helsing question (spoiler)

If VH killed Jeckyl/Hyde back when the Eifel tower was only part built, how come he was recruited into The League of Extaordinary Gentlemen when the tower was fully built?

It doesn’t make sense at all. I hate movies like that.

You do realize that they are two different movies? Not sequels or what have ya? I don’t know when the Tower was completed, but I wouldn’t use LXG as the bastion of accuracy.

They aren’t set in the same universe. Van Helsing is set in a universe that’s slightly different from our own (where vampires, werewolves and otherwise literary monsters exist). LXG is set in another universe altogether, where the plots of comic books are true. And the “real” literary Jekyll/Hyde exist in yet another universe, where the plot of RLS’s novel are true.

As to why Van Helsing portrayed Edward Hyde as an enormous, hulking monster instead of a normal-sized sociopath, I couldn’t say. I expected it in the movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, because that came directly from the graphic novel. But in Van Helsing, which has nothing to do with Alan Moore’s reimagining of several Victorian literary heroes? Beats the Hell out of me.

'Cause it’s a big showie special effects movie, nothing more to it. Hyde was an enormous, hulking monster 'cause it looked cool.

Incidentally, Hyde’s first appearance was the first actually fright I’ve gotten from a movie since the hot tub scene in About Schmidt.