Van Morrison --- Moondance

Did Van Morrison write this song? Did he write the music and lyrics? I work with someone who claims her dad wrote the lyrics to this song and I think she is full of - - - -.

To add. I pretty sure the writing credit for the whole album is Van Morrison, but are there any stories about someone else writing the lyrics for this song and Van Morrison taking credit?

Casual Googling shows at least a couple of instances where Morrison is credited as the writer. I’m unaware of any supposed controversy over the song’s origin. I’d say your friend was trying to have you on.

Here is one of the many links you can find. Try using you her father’s name in a search to see if that brings up any addional hits.

I never heard of any controversy either. However, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale if you are interested. :smiley:

This sounds a lot like the Bob Dylan/“Blowing in the Wind” semi-controversy. I’d say your friend is trying to pull one over on you.
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Ok, I asked her and she said her dad wrote the song, but did not get credit for it as part of the deal. So I guess there probably isn’t anyway to disprove what she is saying.