Jim Morrison oediphus complex?

I recall hearing that the indecipherable bit in “The End” about his mother (after the threat to kill his father) is that he wished to “make love” to her, but put more crudely.

Any truth?

You spelled edifice wrong.

Yes, it’s true. He made it very clear in live performances.

I do not understand the question. Are you asking if he actually says “fuck” on the record? No, I don’t think he does (he may have done so in concert). Is that what he meant? Obviously, yes, and that whole section of the song is very clearly a direct, conscious, and intentional allusion the Freudian theory of the Oedipus complex.

In “The End” he kills his father and rapes his mother. It’s not indecipherable.

So, what is the question?

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I’m sure he loved his momma, but not as much as he loved pushing boundaries and buttons.

Since Jim Morrison did not kill his father, his attitude towards his mother is likely not so oedipal.

It’s song lyrics, folks. People write songs where the characters do various things. This doesn’t mean the writer wants to or is encouraging people to do those things.

Poe probably had no desire to wall people up, while we’re at it. It’s called fiction.

And more to the point, how does that relate to your username?

On the nosey. It was a performance. For example, Morrison once said that “I am the lizard king”, which was only one line in a poem/song, was delivered theatrically, but “apparently people thought I was crazy.”

He did indeed say “fuck” on the record–in fact he used the word as a rhythmic chant–but it was rendered inaudible in the mix for the record as originally released. The remixed CD version released a few years ago restores that part of the recording, for what it’s worth.

to be clear, though, Morrison had an estranged and bad relationship with his Navy Admiral father. And Morrison was a big enough artistic douchebag to rub his parents’ faces in it in pursuit of “art.” Lordy I hate that asshole…

Sorry, what were you saying?

Well, OK, if you say so, but I think you must be talking about a different part of the song. I was talking about (and took the OP to be talking about) the spoken part where he says:
Yes, son.
I want to kill you.
I want to @#@!!€*!!!"
I hear what I have represented with the grawlix there as just an inatriculate roar, although it is possible that the word “fuck” is buried somewhere in the mix, and it is certainly clear that “fuck you” is the intended meaning. However, it ain’t no rhythmic chant, inaudible or otherwise.

You’re quite correct; at that specific point Morrison just screams. (Though in live performance he would instead exclaim something like “I want to…fuck you, Mama! Fuck you all night long!”) But the chanting part, which comes later in the song, involves both the words “fuck” and “kill,” making it explicit what Morrison’s persona in the song wants to do to his mother and father, respectively. Part of the “kill” chant can be heard even on the original mix, at the instrumental climax before the return to the opening verse melody.

My take is that Morrison was just trying to be shocking.

Yep. Like an obnoxious 7 year old.

Making him sooooooo very different from everybody else in rock.

If you get a chance to see the Jim Morrison exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, you can read the pained letter his father wrote to the Florida Probation and Parole Commission District Office; it’s paraphrased herebut is quite moving in full. Several items in the exhibit make clear the conflicted relationship between the son and the father.
‘Dressing down’, indeed.

Oh, Goddammit! I just wet my pants’a’laughin! :smiley:

Good call!


Johnny Rotten did it with more style and better snottiness.