Vancouver International Airport to downtown: taxi or bus?

Unless something terrible happens, in the near future, I will be landing in Vancouver, and (hopefully) enjoying a brief hotel stay near the Canada Place cruise terminal. Since I’ll be there a relatively short time (48 hours or so), and don’t intend to go particularly far, I don’t plan to rent a car. Is a taxi or a bus more cost/time effective to get from the airport to “downtown.”

As far as transit goes, the Translink trip planning page says it would take about 45 minutes, though depending on traffic and time of day that’s probably a bit optimistic. The fare would be $3.25 on a weekday, $2.25 if you’re coming in on an evening or the weekend. I should also add that you’d have to transfer to a route that tends to get uncomfortably overcrowded.

I’ve never taken a taxi directly between downtown and the airport, but you’d probably be looking at about 20-30 minutes for the travel time, and this site says the fare would be around $27.

Hope you enjoy your visit to Vancouver!

Cab, since as Ms M says, you’d have to transfer and that can be mega-annoying when you first come to a new town. Maybe these guys?

I live a few block from Canada Place, and have traveled to and from the airport quite a few times. $27 for a cab ride sounds about right (tip not included). The Airporter, linked above, should be about $12-14 per person, and only slightly less convenient. Vancouver’s public transit is quite good, but I still don’t like to deal with it if I don’t have to; it will take markedly longer than a taxi or shuttle.