vanilla gets healthy{or the dennison's approve}

Hi. Just thought I’d let you all know we (me and my son) have decided to go vegetarian again. I was once, but I dont think my son was at the time.
I have been trying so hard to eat and gain weight. I have been eating junkie foods that dont make me feel great, just for the calories, and it didn’t even work.
Enough of that! I am back to my wonderful beans, pasta, and veggies and fruits.
Theres no way you can miss out on calcium or protein if you eat varied and well, as many folks think.

As long as you eat healthily good for you. Eating all junk food is definately not good for you. I don’t think people were meant to be strict vegans but a mostly vegetable diet is healthy and quite tasty. Peta Tzunami (Phil’s wife) has some very good recipes on one of her web pages. She said she kept the ones that they liked best and were among the easier ones to make.


Aw, man!

Vanilla – Glad to hear it! Healthy eating was the instigator of our vegetarian lifestyle–we just kept reading more and more that made it an ethical choice as well. I can definitely tell the difference when I eat a lot of junk food (there’s plenty of junk food that’s veg’an out there) and when I eat more healthily.

And, I do have some good recipes on my website that’ll help with the transition. I should be adding many more soon, now that all my time isn’t occupied by finding a job. :slight_smile:

Peta Tzunami

Snark, Don’t worry! I will make You meat if ya want; I’m just cooking healthy for me and my son.
::::vanilla, studying up on how to shape tofu into what appears to be roast beef:::::::

Good for you! I heartily approve. My sister’s been a vegetarian since she was 14, so I know and can appreciate how good and healthful vegetarian eating can be.

I would do it myself, but I seem to have a very high protein requirement that is hard to meet on a meat-free diet.

Once again, bravo!

I am powerless against steak, roast beef, and fish, but that ain’t gonna stop me from bookmarking your website, Peta. Hope ya don’t mind if a few of us carnivores steal your recipes. (I promise not to add meat to any of them.) :slight_smile:

If you’re back in Cleveland, try some stuff at Nature’s Bin called Veat…Phil and I miss it terribly. They have faux “beef” and “chicken” that are positively great! And don’t forget to send some down to the person who told you about 'em! :wink:

Heck, if it means even one meal without an animal corpse on your plate, bookmark away, mate!! Seriously though, omnivore or herbivore, the recipes are really good and since I didn’t invent them I have no reason NOT to sing their praises. Just ask Falcon, she had one last week!


You can learn about Veat on-line, but unfortunately no samples available <pout> or ordering. Vanilla, also consider a Tofurkey–they’re really good faux (soy) too.

Dammit, Peta, I was abut to chime in anyway!

Chris - her recipes ROCK! And while I don’t love steak, I couldn’t give up chicken if you paid me. And the meal was WONDERFUL. (And I wasn’t drunk then, so that’s honest.) :slight_smile:

Good for you, vanilla!

I was vegan for several years and a plain 'ol veggie for a few years more. With good cooking and vegiterian diet can be amazing. Unfortunatally I fell of the boat two years ago (I just love salmon and chicken) but who knows, I might decide to go back to that sort of diet again. The biggest problem is doing the cooking myself now. Feh.


Peta: yep, I can get to natures bin, also the food co-op. Tell me where to send it if I find it!
Personally, I love blue corn flakes.