Variant on the kitten pic threads: cheetah cubs!

Cute still pic in this CNN story, but check out the link at the bottom of the story for the webcam. I caught them in camera at half past seven EST, and lucky me, they were in full active play mode. A couple were batting a ball hanging from a string from the ceiling! Momma Cheetah even strolled by to check on 'em. Awwwwwww!

The cheetahs and the giraffes are sleeping now but the naked mole rat seems to be working the night shift.

Now I feel bad- the light goes on when you access the webcam, I think, and the kitty woke up and looked at it. Then it stretched a bit and laid flat again. I could be wrong, I’m not conversant in webcam.

Alright. Everyone, including the naked mole rats, is asleep.

When you’re up past the naked mole rats bedtime, it’s time to go to bed!

That web cam is far too entertaining. :slight_smile: The cubs are adorable!

It’s been theorized that the fur ridge on cheetah cubs is protective coloring, in that it resembles the fur of a honey badger, one of the more ferocious defenders of turf in the wild.

I decided to watch the naked mole rat cam instead.

Hijack of my own thread: Wow, a thread that allows me to make joking references to both Kim Possible AND CSI! What’re the odds?

Back to topic: All is quiet in Cheetahland at the moment. Pity. I guess I was lucky last time…

OMG, I figured it was the standard still picture web cam. So imagine my surprise when I saw baby cheetah jumping on ma cheetah’s head and rolling all over her!

Surprised, and delighted. I heart cheetahs.

ooh, ooh, can I share a photo…

This was taken by my wife in the Maasai Mara a couple of years back. Real honest-to-goodness wild cheetah baby!

MrFantsyPants, that’s a fabulous picture! Thanks for sharing it!

I am going to have nightmares about naked mole rats, tonight.

One of them is trying to eat its own foot.

That’s the least of the ‘WTF is going on?’ I’ve been puzzling about over them. The more I watch, the more odd their behavior seems. The burrowing into nothing, the collecting all the stuff around them only to move it around more, then the sudden all directions pile-on of 6 naked mole rats - on behalf of species (?) mammalia, I disavow them and now consider naked mole rats to be bugs of some kind.
Still, Naked Mole Rat Cam could be a decent band name.

Years ago as a teenager I came home to find a lion cub in my kitchen, does that count?

Really, in upstate NY my Mom’s friend had a baby lion and brought him over. He was about the size of a Golden Retriever. I have a picture of him in the living room on a leash playing with a chunk of firewood.

Now I need to go in the attic and dig through my boxes of pictures.

Okay everybody… I have decided that as long as I have the Naked Mole Rat cam, I don’t need cable. It’s seriously better than reality TV.

Where are the animals? :frowning:

Well, a cheetah walked by in the background on the Outdoor Cheetah Cam, but that hardly counts, as I could barely see him/her

I am impressed that this is a live moving cam though.

I have never met a cheetah cub, but I’d like to. Big cats fascinate me.

Here is a photo of me with my husband and a sweet little tiger cub (I am the redheaded critter on the left).

That’s 'cause the naked mole-rats have a better writing staff. I’m waiting for one of the rats to undergo an extreme makeover and get a body weave!


Now, cheetah CUBES would be wicked cool.
Zoology Dragon flash animation which helps explain the concept.

Awww! What a cutie!

I love big cats too, and especially the smaller ones like ocelots. Twice now I’ve gotten to visit a “little big cat” sanctuary and interact with the cats–here is a picture of me getting a hug from Isis, a very sweet ocelot. (Isis is way more photogenic than I am. :slight_smile: )