varicose veins

My varicose veins are caused by failure of a valve in the upper thigh.
Although heart valves are replaced, my doctor never heard of replacement of a valve in the leg nor could he give me a reason this is not done.
Is it ever done and, if not, why?

This is not my area of expertise, but I can hazard an educated guess. The valves in veins are tiny thin wispy structures, just a few notches more substantial than the film of a snot bubble. Veins themselves are narrow little tubes, difficult to do surgery in there. Hence you’d be looking at a highly intricate and delicate operation, oders of magnitude more difficult than getting toothpaste back in the tube. Much much easier to strip out the incompetent veins, scar them down, or fill them with goo. And doing those easier things doesn’t have any major drawbacks compared to the theoretical microsurgical possiblity of replacing the valves.

I suppose someone could, rather than “replacing” the valves, devise a small stent-like structure that would fit inside the existing vein, and have in it some sort of backflow preventing doodad, that would function like a valve. They could be made in various diameters such that they would fit snugly in the vein, and be put in endovascularly, a minor procedure. Now that’s an idea.

Better call up my patent attorney.

[QUOTE=Is it ever done and, if not, why?[/QUOTE]
Is not relavant but your question should be “What should be done about Varicose Veins?”

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